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HitStreak is the only place in Colorado where you will find two ProBatter Professional Pitching machines; one for baseball and one for softball.  These machines are normally found in professional organizations (Colorado Rockies, New York Yankees, etc) due to their high costs ($45,000)  and capabilities.  However, HitStreak is committed to offering the best training products in the market to maximize skill development.  Come give it a try and you will be hooked!

Summer Hours of Operation
Mon, Wed, Fri           10am-4pm
Tues/Thurs                 12pm-6pm
Saturday                      10am-4pm
Sunday                              CLOSED
7300 S Fraser St  Centennial CO  80112


Have you ever wondered why warm-weather states produce better players?  The answer is that players in those states get to play more games, have more repetitions, and most importantly.....face more LIVE PITCHERS!  
Knowing this, how much LIVE BP do you get as a player?  The Pro Batter pitching machine helps even the playing field for Colorado players by allowing life-like hitting sessions with a machine that can throw any pitch at any speed in any location!


Are you the best player on your team and not being challenged by your own teammates or coaches?  Are you "stuck" in a bad league or organization with poor team competition?  If you are not challenged to get better, or if you are not exposed to a higher level of training or competition, you will not get much better.  The ProBatter allows you to train at your level.  Face the pitching you need to face to be challenged and improve your skills. 



Johnny Goryl – Assistant Director of Player Development – Cleveland Indians
“We had the most success we ever had in the Florida Instructional league this fall with using the machine to teach our young hitters an approach to hitting a breaking pitch and the art of bunting for base hits. It was a huge help to our program.”

Sammy Carter – Co-Owner of On Deck Training Complex
“Everyone who steps in against the ProBatter system falls in love with it,” “We have a huge number of competitive players in this area, and without a doubt, this is the best tool I’ve ever seen to help a player improve their hitting.”

Trot Nixon – Outfielder Boston Red Sox
“It greatly helped me to prepare for this past season as it could simulate game-like conditions. I can’t get that from regular BP. It was tremendous for situational hitting; placing myself in a 2-2 count against Clemens and then elevating a fastball or throwing a split.”

Lou Frazier – ex-coach – Columbus Red Stixx (Atlantic League)
“This is great for pitch recognition. We have been feeding our guys a heavy dose of breaking balls wit the ProBatter system.”

Bill Bavasi, ex - Director of Player Dev., LA Dodgers. Current Executive VP and General Manager for the Seattle Mariners
“The ProBatter system gives hitters more game-like pitches in a fifteen-minute workout training session than in a week’s worth of games.”

Mickey Brantley
“The ProBatter system worked great. It was in constant use by our prospects. One of the biggest advantages was to help our kids recognize breaking balls. It was the next best thing to big league pitching for them. In the beginning, our kids couldn’t get near the ProBatter curve ball but after a few weeks, they were a lot more confident”

Ben Cherington – Director Of Player Development Boston Red Sox
“The ProBatter machine affords hitters an opportunity to practice the game at full speed against Major League quality pitching and, unlike traditional pitching machines, to time the pitcher’s delivery. The ProBatter machine is an important part of our hitting development program.”

Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees 3rd Baseman (Quoted in a NY Post article)
“I love it. It’s competitive and you have to compete against it to hit.”

David Schafer, father of Jordan Schafer of the Rome Braves and owner of the ProBatter Professional.
“It slows the game down so much for Jordan, he now recognizes pitches better and is now hitting the ball much better. This machine has helped boost his [Jordan] confidence at the plate and his average.”

Dear Pro Batter-
Your machine is better than anyone could imagine. I was a 3rd round draft choice in 2005. I was a pitcher but the Braves told me I would be playing outfield now. I went to the Gulf Coast League and hit .203 there. After thorough research I decided to buy your machine and I worked with it for 4 months and went back to play. That season I moved up two levels and hit .240. Last off season I worked with your machine again. This season I hit .312 in the two levels that I played in, made my first all star team in pro ball and led all of minor league baseball with 176 total hits! I am so excited to get back to the off season so I can train with your machine. I am totally confident in telling you that your machine is helping me get to the big leagues!        

Spencer Pickard, owner of The Sandlot
“The ProBatter PX2 is the closest thing to batting against a human being – and even better in many ways. It is impossible to find a batting practice pitcher who can throw consistently at over 90 mph, which the simulator can do. Morever, the PX2 is extremely accurate, so this makes it ideal for hitters who need to work on specific weaknesses in their swing. There really isn’t anything else like the ProBatter system and players love training with it.”

**Steve Hine, owner of the Steve Hine school of Baseball
“The ProBatter II-MP helps hitters get ready for game conditions unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Timing is critical to batting success and the ProBatter simulator allows players to program sequences of pitches -- fastballs, curves, changeups and anything else you’d want -- just like in a real game. The experience is very realistic and hitters can really focus on developing their skills.”

Mike Ramirez, Managing Partner of The Sandlot Academy of Orange County
“The ProBatter PX2 is a superb tool for training hitters. Our facility is all about offering the best of everything that is available to help players fully develop their skills. The ProBatter simulator duplicates the toughest game conditions like nothing else out there, and hitters can focus on areas where they need the most work.”

Alex Smith, co-owner of Diamond Pros Baseball, and also an active scout for the Washington Nationals
“The ProBatter PX2 is different from anything else out there. Because hitting is all about timing, it is critical to develop the timing mechanism in a player’s swing. The PX2 is the only machine that can accurately deliver any type of pitch to any location, thereby allowing hitters to work on their weaknesses. It’s an invaluable tool.”

Bill Hanson, owner of Grand Slam Baseball & Softball Academy
“The ProBatter PX2 is the centerpiece of our new facility. Any hitter will tell you there’s nothing better than facing live pitching and ProBatter recreates reality almost perfectly. This is the best training tool of its kind and we’re proud to offer it to our visitors.”

Scott Vatter, owner of HitStreak
“The ProBatter system is the best training tool for hitters I’ve ever seen. The swing a hitter takes against the simulator is the same swing he will take against live competition. This allows the hitter to recognize if his training is carrying over to game situations, without actually playing in a game.”

Tracy Nolan, owner of the Lakeland Baseball Academy, and a former player
“The ProBatter system is the best tool I’ve ever seen for players looking to improve their hitting. It can deliver any pitch a human being can, only more accurately, which makes it terrific for hitters who need to work on specific weaknesses in their swing. It’s really quite amazing and there’s nothing else like it anywhere.”

Garrett Stephenson, former Cardinal and owner of Sandlot Boise, ID
“As a former major league player, I have a real appreciation for what the ProBatter system can do for our customers. “I had the opportunity to hit off the machine during spring training when I was with the St. Louis Cardinals and I was amazed. Timing is everything to a hitter and the simulator was just like batting against a real pitcher. It’s really the perfect way to train.”

Edwin Correa, owner of Puerto Rico Baseball Academy and High School and former MLB Player
“The ProBatter system is exactly what our students need to improve their hitting,” said Correa, who also serves as the academy’s executive director. “Every hitter has weaknesses and the simulator allows the individual to work on the parts of his swing that need it the most. The machine is extremely accurate -- actually more precise than a human being -- and can deliver major league-quality pitches with great consistency. The improvement with hitters who train with the machine is dramatic.”